"You just manage to do a lot in a short space of time, a bit like superman, but more geeky" — Katie Le Roux, Insurance Quotes

what we do / services

We are bespoke web application developers. We believe that building quality long-term relationship with our customers is just as important as building top-notch software.

how we do it / technology

Our primary development tool is Django framework. We use plethora of tools to develop & we utilise cloud services to deploy custom made web applications.

Our range of expertise & experience covers all parts of software development cycle: analysis, system architecture, development, deployment, automation, scaling & performance.

Ansible  Django  Docker  Git  Jabber  Linux  MySQL  NGINX  Postfix  PostGIS  PostgreSQL  Python  REST 

who uses our services / customers

454 Unlimited  AP Design  Enable  Plant & Food Research  Spiral English  Safekiwi  VetSouth 

how much / rates